Bear Mountain Road Race
May 14, 2006

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Adam in the front field.

Race Report
by Adam Schildge

Good race everybody!!

I did indeed get 15th of the first group to finish. I bombed down the descent each time like an airplane to get a good enough position for the hills. Held on each time until I had to go around the crash as we were passing a group of cat3s. That put me 30 feet behind the remaining pack with Chris about 30 feet behind me. It wasn't easy, but I got back on by the end of the rollers. They could easily have dusted me if they wanted to, so I guess I didn't seem tooo threatening. The race took a moderate pace for the next few miles before organizing into a chasedown of the one guy who had a minute on us. We got him at the base of the last climb (though he was spent.. it's wasn't too hard) and then eased off the pace until coming over the last bit of uphill. The race then lined up for the sprint and I was sitting in third position. There were a couple of surges and I kept that position, eventually lining up on the right side through the feed zone. At this point I could taste the actual chance of victory! The sprint was well timed; no early leadouts to grab for me. When someone went, they went around the left and went quickly. My legs were spent (maybe could have stood, but didn't) and I couldn't get into the surge. Of our last group across the line I took 14th of 15. Overall, I'm pretty happy. A little more training and maybe it would have been
just a bit different at the end!

Chris came through about 2:30 later with two others ahead of the following pack who were cut off by the crash. He rode an extremely impressive race. Congrats to Andrew, Jonathan, and Scott too.

Chris, Andrew, Jonathan, Adam


Jonathan on the climb.





Selected photos by Gavin Wilson.

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