Big Apple Bicycle Classic
May 13, 2006

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Race Report
by Scott Demel

Big Apple ClassicSaturday we had a solid group in the park with a lot of attacking throughout the day.  It came down to a group sprint and with 300m to go while I was looking for my route through the field, Chris Louden (VisitBrit) appeared in front of me.  That was the ticket to grab.  He started up a bit late, at about 180m to go.  I was following and couldn't get out from my box-in along the curb until both of us were clear of the main field at about 125m to go.  I spun up the 53x15 to 125-130rpm, got along side him but just ran out of road before the finish line.  He stayed just in front, beating me by 1/2 a bike length.  Next time, 53x14.

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