Kissena Tuesday Night
August 1, 2006

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Race Report
by Brett Cleaver

Despite the heat, we headed down to FBF and managed to have ourselves a pretty good race.  It was a pretty fast pace and a break of 8-10 went pretty early.  I managed to bridge up to 3 stragglers that had dropped back from the break and brought a guy with me.  We then went on to pick up 2 more guys that had fallen of the pace of the lead break.  The 4 of us worked together for almost 3 laps when an Organic Athlete rider (Eric I think) bridged up to us and really helped us pick up the pace.  At that point we had 2 laps to go and merely wanted to stay away from the pack, it didn't seem possible to catch the lead group of 5.  Regardless, we pushed on, trying to keep the pace high.  I might have worked a bit too hard and had nothing left for the sprint- coming in last from our group of 5, but 10th overall.  Certainly my best FBF performance this year though!

Photos by Andy Shen.

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