Kings County Circuit Race
May 21, 2005

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Race Report

Representing BVF in the 3/4 field: Norm, Pete, Eric, and Scott, with a special cameo ride by Zeke (returning from Philly for the weekend), and Dennis vocally rooting for us from the sidelines.

As we guessed, Ken Harris from Merrill Lynch went right at the beginning, testing the waters on the 1st lap; by 2nd lap he was gone.  He took a couple of other guys with him initially but he dropped them somewhere beyond our sight and soloed for remainder.  For the rest of us, it was attempted chases and/or breaks (depending upon your viewpoint).

A group of 4 got a small lead, composed of 2 Fraysse guys, Scott and another, but it didn’t get too far.  Metro (there were at least 6 of them) started to work with us on the front for a few laps.  One by one, they all eventually disappeared back into the pack.  There was one more unsuccessful break attempt with help of Gotham at 2 to go, then it was time to start thinking about the final sprint for the remaining field.

On the bell lap, just after turn 1, Joaquim de Baca from Kissena pushes into the wind and slowly rolls off front with no one in pursuit.  He eventually finishes 2nd, riding alone. Pete got a great little launch from Zeke as the field hit turn 2.  It played out to be a good move because no one tried to chase.  Pete rode hard solo and got to the line before the field with a meager buffer of 5 to 10 bike lengths, which was still enough for 3rd.

With Pete in the clear, Norman could finally unleash his sprinter’s legs and took 5th in the field sprint, securing 8th overall.

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