Kissena Prospect Park Series
August 28, 2004

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Race Report
by Joel Shapiro

Humid day for a race. Lots of rules yelled at us at the start - don't get in the joggers lane!!! We have spies!!! Blah Blah Blah!. Three from the Shattered BVF team showed up with DMark in Cat 5, Pete in Cat 4, and myself in Masters. Donola was there in his hippy garb giving away samples from his Donola Granola (I hear the Hemp flavor was pretty good, man - but it ran out right away...) There were even a few old timer BVFers like Grant and some handsome young guy with bad knees.

DMark, fresh off his Tour climbs in France stayed with the pack and finished up there. He's ready to move up. Pete got away with Rodger early on, but too early and got brought back. Think he finished with the pack.

I'd never raced 13 laps before and didn't think I could hang - a 5 man break went away with 10 to go and stayed away while Sony blocked. Still it was damn hard. Somehow I survived. I followed Castaldi on the last lap, then got on Bronwyn's wheel with great position for the field sprint - but with 300m to go I couldn't stay with the surge with my tired legs – heck I was already spinning hard at 33mph. so I coasted in with Chris about 15th I guess. I was, I believe the best of the fat guys to finish - but don't know if I really have much competition there...(need to lose 20lbs by next spring).... There are still a few of us trying to keep the bvf colors alive! We're gonna kick ass next year, man....

dmark   joel
DMark (L) and Joel (R)

photos by Andy Shen
and posted at the team site of Merrill Lynch / Stelvio Teamwear

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