Kissena Prospect Park Series
September 9, 2006

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Race Report
by Jonathan O'Brien

Field sprint for 3rd won by Adam with 2 away from lap 8.

After a crash on lap 5, Adam took off well before the hill, Jason and I sprinted up to the front of the group and tried to control the pace riding in tandem. We even got a few comments as to nice teamwork!

Adam eventually came back and then a new break of two went.  The group followed through until the sprint finish, where Adam was behind the leadouts from 600m, and I followed to the right (my traditional route). I began sprinting at the fire hydrant, and saw my marked man choosing my lane (Bike Techonolgies Australia in a skin suit) so I grabbed his wheel. We followed our line through the faders up to the line for 7th & 8th in the sprint.

Finally! tired of consistently being just behind the front group!

p.s. nice ride Jason, it's going to be great having you with the 4s

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