Poughkeepsie Criterium
July 15, 2006

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Race Report
by Scott Demel

A Hot day (near 90oF), but clouds rolled in to block the sun.  Relaxed, warmed-up on the trainer, and dripping sweat (like a hog).  Small field of 31 riders. Pace started out OK, and I stayed in the front 5-7 riders.   Lake Placid team (6 or 7 riders) is sending guys off every 1-2 laps... let 'em cook.  The CRCA guys who made the journey up here start getting bored and the pace goes up around lap 6 or 7.

Prime lap called about lap 10 and the field is stretched into a long line.  After the prime, Aaron Wolf (Edgemont), a Placid, and another (Gators) get a gap.  I watch it for a lap or two.  They're slowly gaining time.  I jump to chase.  I end up riding between the field and the break.  Let off the gas and a few others get close from the front of the field.  I drop back.  Within a lap, 3 of us in a small chase group.

About lap 15 and 2 others bridge up to our chase.  We're gaining on the front break and slowly getting time on the field (a second or two here and there).  About 5 to go and the break is caught.  6 have made the selection in this group, and the race pays to 6.  We all keep working and gain big time ahead of the field.                                                   

It starts to rain lightly and the roads are getting very slick.  The field is out of sight behind us and we start thinking about the final with 1.5laps to go.  Going to the last lap on turn 3 and I'm #3 in the line - maybe too close if #1 and #2 pull off, maybe too far back if #1 (Chris Chaput, Champion) stays on the front a bit longer. #1 stays and pulls off just before Turn 4.  CRASH - someone goes down behind me in the wet of Turn 4.  #2 jumps hard and I just miss grabbing the wheel.  Sprint hard and hold on for 2nd Place, beaten by a good 1-2 bike lengths.

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