Saul Raisin Computrainer Night
March 20, 2007

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Saul was generating over 325 watts sitting up with his arms crossed at one point during the ride.  Did Saul say that at the height of his form (pre-crash) he routinely rode 550+ watts for hour long intervals? 

Saul's sense of humor..."common on guys, I was in an coma and almost died...what's your excuse?"... as we are all on the verge of barfing up our lungs.

Saul has said that his goal is to return to racing this year and win the US Pro Championship race in Georgia at the end of the season. This is the race that George Hincapie won last year. BVF wishes Saul continued success in his return to professional cycling.

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Photos by Peter Biamonte
Text by D.Mark Carter

Thanks to Jonathon Cane at CityCoach

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