Spring Series, New York City
April 24, 2005

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Race Report
by Don Goettler

Yes, yes, yes - it's true about my 6th place finish.  I got my entry fee back + $1... my first cash prize ever.

ScottD, Seth, and Donola in 3/4's and Jamel in 5's.

3/4's got off to a pretty fast pace but on our 3rd lap the officials stated that the 5's were about to catch us. This really didn't motivate us and the pace was kind on and off for about 5 laps. Lots of little breakaways (and flats) that never got too far.  The slavic dude with the scruffy beard was up front most of the race keeping things in control until he flatted.  He rejoined the pack 2 laps later just to shake things up again until he veared into my rear wheel and took a spill but caught back on soon enough. The last couple laps were fun with lots of little breaks and the rest us of trying to retrieve them. On the bell lap going up the hill, the field got shattered with me in the back group. I thought for sure the race was over for me.  But as luck would have it, the lead group dropped the pace considerably and I was able to catch up. Bottom of the hill I moved up the field as Scott whizzes by everyone past the temple. Good sacrifice move by him to help string out the field and make a safer finish.  I just held on tight and went left and managed a sixth place finish!  Actually 7th, but Slavic Beard Guy was disqaulified because of cutting through the park.

I'm super psyched!



Speed average 23
Hill average 18
Max 42
Laps 11

Conditions - wet and chilly

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