Squigglebration Road Race
Augusta Cyclocross
November 26, 2007

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Pete Finish

Race Report
by Pete Baiamonte

All the fields were in the neighborhood of about 20 guys.. and they let all race separate ..

Chuck did the Masters, instigated a break ..  6 guys away that eventually became 4.. Chuck hung in for 4th

Rob and I were in the 3/4..  a 2 man break got away early and was never seen again... then a 3 man break went up the road and dangled for many laps, almost getting caught at times and getting out of sight sometimes..   I attacked on the hill .. rode through the  remains of the masters field and eventually caught the 3 man break..tried to ride through them but they jumped on me so I rode with them for two laps.. tried to attack them a few times on the last lap but they were able to reel me in.. so I took 2nd in the sprint.. 4th overall...   Rob sprinted with the field and might have gotten about 10th ...

After I headed out to Augusta and did the Jersey state cross championships.. I did the B race (cat 2,3,4.. 45 minutes)  had sort of a bad start but was able to pass guys during the race.. I eventually finished 10th out of about 20-25 or so..

I'm tired.

Photos by our friends at Organic Athlete.

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