at Gateway National Recreation Area,
Brooklyn, New York
Co-sponsored by Brooklyn Velo Force and the Century Road Club Association

Sunday - June 3, 2007



Fee *
Time **
Men 123
$15 or free
Men 4/5
$15 or free
11.5mi 5
Women 123
$15 or free
11.5mi 5
Women 4
$15 or free
11.5mi 5
Men Cannibal
$15 or free
11.5mi 5
Women Cannibal
$15 or free

All race proceeds to benefit Bike for Health Day and the Youth Ride Club, organized by Woodhull Hospital and Recycle-A-Bicycle.  These events introduce children to bicycling in a fun and safe environment, and aims to nurture healthy living habits and an active lifestyle that can be carried into adulthood.  Participants range in age from approximately 10 to 15.

*  Race for free if you volunteer to assist leading a future Youth Ride Club event on a later date in the Summer or Fall.  There will be at least 10 rides dates to choose from.  Rides typically begin at the Recycle-A-Bicycle shop in Long Island City where kids can pick up a bicycle for the day.  These rides take to the street and lead the children's groups throughout New York City's neighborhoods and Boroughs.  Routes are pre-mapped by the Youth Ride Club.  The rides are not fast, but are a whole lot of fun!

You don't have to be a racer to help out wih the Youth Club Rides.  Any adult cyclist is welcome to volunteer.

**  Preregistered riders will be assigned a start time on Saturday, June 2.  Check this website for postings.  Same day registrations will be assigned sequential times following preregistered riders.  Categories starts may be mixed with one another but will be scored separately.

Trophy Prototype***  The fastest times of the day for Men and Women will be presented with a unique trophy, recalling the race course of Floyd Bennett Field.  Our fine arts department and industrial fabrication team are currently developing and producing this special award.  Currently, we can only hint at its design and inspiration.

All USCF rules apply to this event (this inclues a helmet requirement, and sleeveless jerseys or tank-tops are not permitted).

Race is open to all USCF riders.  Preregistration available on  One-day licences will be avialable and required for all non-USCF riders on the day of the event for $10.  One-day riders may not race with 123 fields.  Number pick-up begins at 7am. Day-of registration closes at 8am.  Race again for another $5.

USCF Racers:  preregister with BikeReg, or day-of registration.

Non-USCF Riders:  preregister with BikeReg, or day-of registration.  You will also need to complete the application and purchase USCF one-day license on the day of the race.

Kids Ride Club Volunteers:  email us directly with your name and USCF license information.  We will add your name to the participant list and assign a start time.  We will also put you in touch with the Ride Club organizer.  If you do not have a USCF license, you will still need to obtain a one-day license on the day of the race.

CRCA Regular Members:  preregister with BikeReg, or day-of registration.

CRCA Dinosaurs:  email us directly.  We will add your name to the participant list and assign a start time.  Bring you Dinosaur card the day of the race.

Preregister here.

BikeReg fees are non-refundable.

CRCA Club Series
This race is part of the CRCA club race series.  The top placed CRCA riders, regardless of regular or Cannibal categories, will receive Team and Boyd competition points.

Cannibal Category
Be Like Eddy!No aero bars?  No aero wheels?  No Problem!  Eddy Merckx didn't need them, and neither do you.  This event is a perfect course and distance for field testing to determine your Lactate Threshold and establish your training zones for heart rate and/or power.  Cannibal category is on the honor system, just let us know the day of the race and Cannibals will be scored in a separate listing.

Even More Racing
Ultra-Cannibal:  You may register for both regular and Cannibal fields and do the ITT twice (once aero and once non-aero).  Combined times will be posted as Ultra-Cannibal; no prizes but think of the bragging rights.

Bridge-and-Cannibal:  If Eddy Merckx was racing today in the NYC Metro area, we suspect he’d be doing both the Floyd Bennett Field Time Trial and the New Jersey State Time Trial Championships in one day.  If this is you, let us know.  First numbers at Floyd Bennett Field will be given to those riders “doing-the-double”, allowing time to get over to New Jersey.

The Course

Flat 2.3 mile course with 4 corners.  However, flat does not equal easy.  Located on Jamaica Bay, the area is open and has no protection from the wind.  Headwinds, sidewinds, and tailwinds are guaranteed while going around the course.  The road surfaces are unused runways that are very ridable but can be rough in some locations; lightweight wheels and tires are not recommended.  Riders are responsible for tracking their own laps.

Course + Location Map
Google Maps Link

By Bicycle:  follow Flatbush Avenue from all North locations.  Follow the Belt Parkway bicycle path from East and West locations.  Park entrance on Flatbush Avenue.

By Subway:  closest stops are Sheephead Bay (B, Q Trains, 4 miles), Coney Island (D, F, N, Q Trains, 5 miles) and Brooklyn College (2, 5 Trains; 4 miles).

Bt Car: Belt Parkway to Exit 11, Flatbush Avenue South.  Enter the park before crossing the Marine Parkway Bridge.

USCF Permit pending.

Bike For Health 2006
Bike for Health 2006

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