Union Vale Road Race
July 18, 2004

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Race Report
by Eric Sabo

Pouring my Gatorade onto the street for all my hommies who were lost in the struggle, it was me at the starting line, the lone BVG OG, fighting back all those tough 35 year old CAT 4's. Some looked in their teens. Next time I'll card.

We started off at a leisurely pace, discussing the Lawrence Welk show and how the approaching rain clouds might affect our arthritis.  The course, for all you youngsters, is a steady incline with a few quick descents and a finishing hill that makes weak men poo their pants. I vowed that I would hold it this year. There was a break away on the first climb and goddamn if I was going to be dropped that quickly, so I grabed second wheel and held on. Up and down, up and down, I stayed near the front for most of the race, jumping in with small groups that painfully failed to get away. Visit Britain had about 5 guys there and dominated the race.

On the last hill, with the remaining peloton all together, I found my rhythm and talked myself through the mile or so climb to the heavens. It helps to imagine a happy place; her name is Margaret and I love it when she touches me there. I stayed with the lead group, counting 7 guys ahead of me. I believe that I finished in the top 10, but not too poop my pants on one of the hardest races of the year is reward enough. My wife was there to cheer me on, but she got pegged by some girl who tossed her water bottle in the crowd, and that's probably the last race I'll have a fan club.

My season is complete. See everyone at FBF Tuesday.

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