Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross Cup Weekend
October 1, 2006

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Jason placed 1st in the C Field

Pete place 9th in the B field Sunday, and top10 the day before.

Race Report
by Jason Gay

So I rode, I skidded, I crashed twice (it's fun in cyclocross!), I pulled a very large stick from my drivetrain and I was about a quarter-lap from finishing when they pulled us all off the course because of a lightning storm. I took first, but I didn't get to cross the finish line and give the elaborate salute I have been practicing by myself in Prospect Park. Bummer.

This was my first cross weekend and though I suck in many critical aspects of the sport (like, um, getting on the bike) I loved it -- totally demanding, exhausting and no hiding in a pack, which is good for a newbie like me. The C field was bigger on Sat - like 12 or 13 and I finished 4th in that one. Pete B. was incredibly helpful with advice and support. He also soft-pedals his weekend - I'm no expert, but his back-to-back top 10s in the big and competitive B field seem pretty freaking good to me. It was impressive to watch his skills, or skillz, as Napoleon Dynamite would say.

Photos by Marco Quezada and posted at NYVeloCity.

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