Cadence Cup #7, Prospect Park
September 13, 2008

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Brooklyn Velo Force / GQ Racing wins the Cadence Cup.  With team support, Allesandro was able wear the Pink Leader's Jersey for the entire 7 race series.  ChrisB finished 3rd overall and RobL finished 8th.  The team winnings are being matched with a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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CAT4 Team Wins Cadence Cup
CAT 4 Team, L to R: BenW, DMark, Joel, Mark, Alex (pink), Josh, ChrisB, RobL, Sheldon, BenD, Jason, Jordan.

Sprint Finish
In Pink, Alex takes 3rd place in the race, securing points for the overall series win.
RobL raises his hands in celebration, also placing 5th for the day's race.

Cadence Trophy Award
Charlie Issendorf awards the series trophy.

Trophy Overhead
Alex raises the trophy,
ChrisB looks on in approval, and won 3rd in the series.

9am Cocktails
Too early to drink?, early-morning celebration cocktails.

Photos by Jordan and Spela Jan, Brooklyn Velo Force / GQ Racing.

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